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Start learning now! Our webinars are available within 60 minutes. before the event!

The form does not specify the content and limits of what is possible.  We pragmatically combine benefits for you  classic ways of learning with the latest.

Courses, workshops,  webinars, diagnostics, mentoring, simulations, experiences ...

 To be successful as soon as possible, it must have juice. And the form does not determine the content and limits of what is possible.  We pragmatically combine benefits for you  classic ways of learning with the latest.  Online career-coaching  or  training presentations in  VR? OK! 

A weekend camp in Moravia? No problem!


But one thing is more important: Why do you want to learn and improve? 


Visit the website: 

Digital  tradesman

In the future, your competitiveness as a self-employed person (self-employed) depends on your ability to communicate, trade and administer your trade online.


MTI has developed 42 hours of learning, IT training and communication for you  skills and basics of online marketing (Facebook, Google, web).

IT skills teacher

Anna Fousková


17.1. 2021  at MTI headquarters in Kyjov

Experimental teaching of English in virtual reality - at home, online

It is here! We are the first in Europe to offer VR lessons with an application developed specifically for language learning.  

The 4-hour workshop with the accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is led by Lukáš Macenauer, the guarantor of digital education. 

Guarantor of digital education

Lukáš Macenauer

Minimalist Staircase

10.2. 2021  16:00 -17: 00 online only

Strategic Thinking - Teaser Session

The strategy is  the basis of any leadership. This demo will introduce you to the topic and help you get started with the whole program. The  we especially recommend it to managers and politicians

and government officials.

Lecturer of strategic management

Zbyněk Machát

Behavioral diagnostics in HR

Assessment and acquisition of competencies are better when we have the data. Come with us to discover their speech. Teaser Session with examples of behavioral methods awaits us 1.11. 2020 at 15:00.

Sport Tactics
Supply Chain Management is not just logistics ...

We are preparing exclusive accredited training in production management for manufacturing companies. We accept inquiries and pre-registrations at

The Perfect Pitch - say it in English and clearly.

It is difficult to present something we care about in English. Get help and become a really good speaker! Teaser Session: 15.10. at 17:00

Image by Annie Spratt
DVPP revolution: courses will be able to run online!

The year 2020 brought an almost historical change in teacher education. It is now possible to implement accredited courses in the form of webinars, and MTI is, of course, among the first to offer this DVPP event.

The first demonstrations to you  we will offer you immediately with a decision  Accreditation Commission (October 2020).

Activation of spoken English in VR

This tasting will be available from October 2020. Information and sample orders at:

Online Monitoring
Subsidized education for the self-employed?  This webinar will tell you how.

You will find specialized courses for various trades  on the website   Available  there is also the financing of tuition fees for the self-employed in the POVEZ II program. 

Join the webinar every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

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