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25 years in the business: M.T.I. Celebrates With VR-First Offering

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

From posters on the wall to the metaverse

It was summer of 1998 in Moravian town of Kyjov when we first ran a poster campaign to fill the English courses for the upcoming school-year. The MS Word/school printer worked well and the posters brought in about two dozen students that September. What a success!

Things have changed since then. We teach online, at our headquarters in Kyjov and we plan to run our trainings on two metaverse platforms. But yes, you can still take elementary English.

One thing has only grown on importance for us over the years: your learning and your success.

Always innovating, always learning

We are now entering intense international cooperation. Apart from the VirTrain project (running under the Erasmus+ programme in 2020-2023) we are now preparing proposals for innovative training activities under Horizon Europe and Interreg schemes.That will be a lot of learning for us and the teams working with M.T.I. on teacher training, VR, science communication and more.

“Experience is the essence of any learing.”

What will be the core of our services in 2023?

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Feel invited!

By itself the Moravian Tuscany region is worth visiting.

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